My normal, your extraordinary!


What is extraordinary to you? And what aspects of your lifestyle, work, interests, skills or location might be extraordinary to others?

In a world full of people, cultures, religious, spiritual and ideological belief systems, colourful customs and food traditions, pursuits, ideas, activities, businesses, natural splendour and diversity, common challenges and creative responses to adversity, where – despite all – altruism generosity and hospitality abounds, there will always be something foreign to your ordinary. Something to excite and entertain, sure, but also something to learn from and contemplate, and take away as more than pictures on your phone.

This is the beauty of the emerging culture and economy of sharing. We find it wow.

Travelling through Here&Wow you become more than a traveller, more than a client, more than a tourist; you’ll be a guest, in the best and most original sense of the word.

Engaging with a Here&Wow experience, you will not be at the mere receiving or providing end. Our experiences are designed to be a two way street, tailored to meeting and interacting with other people on a one-to-one basis. And a natural side effect is the built in perspective swap.