How it works


Where will you find the real experience that makes you go wow?


Here&Wow is the go-to site for real-life experiences offered by the people who live them.

Here: Location Wow: Experience

We help you connect with hosts and guides, keen and ready to share their particular interests, lifestyles, skills, knowledge and places.

As Here&Wow comes into its own, you will be able to find a broad variety, ranging from cooking to hiking, music to extreme sports, to other creative, sporty, curious, traditional, untraditional, quiet, loud, simple, elaborate, romantic, practical, exciting, exceptional, ordinary and extraordinary pursuits with one thing in common: Their own particular brand of wow.

When you find something that catches your interest, get in touch.

It is important to us that all your dealings with Here&Wow feels safe and are handled in an orderly manner. We’ve developed a system in which we secure your booking, payment and feedback.

After every experience, you can rate the host and provide anonymous feedback, which in turn will build community as well as a degree of predictability.