How to host

How does it work?

By working independently as a host/guide you get the opportunity to turn what you care about into something that will add to your livelihood. Your guests will experience a glimpse of the world from your perspective, a genuine and authentic sharing experience to piques their interest and curiosity. We see the potential of wow-factor residing in places one wouldn’t normally look for it.

Here&Wow caters to marketing, booking, payment and feedback for your service, and will therefore free up time for you to focus on what you do best and develop your product in the direction you want to take it, at your own pace.

For those with an experience based startup idea, Here&Wow can be a catalyst and sparring partner. Being part of the Here&Wow rooster is free of charge and requires nothing but your own two hands. It can be a sidekick, a hobby, a way of connecting with new people or a step in the direction of developing your own business on your own terms.

Being your own boss,  personal development, expanded network and being able to support your local community and to facilitate understanding and tolerance across cultural barriers. These are just a few of the benefits of running your own enterprise.

Join our adventure!